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Founded all the way back in 1992 Aussie Dog provide toys that meet strict criteria in order to be added to their range and to satisfy your canine friend. With over 30 products in the range these products are not only safe, non- toxic and extremely durable but Aussie Dog toys are also specifically designed to mimic and stimulate your dog’s natural senses including their touch and sight. Through extensive research and data analysis these products have been purchased by various Australian and international zoos, veterinarians, behavior specialists and trainers leading to bucketful’s of product experience meaning the best designed and made product for your best friend. These awesome toys come in two unique categories: alone toys and interactive toys, meaning whether you are at home or at work, there is a toy in the Aussie Dog range which will keep your dog occupied for hours on end.


Interactive Aussie Dog toys are unique toys designed for you and your dog to play together including games such as catch and tug of war making a great play time with your companion. A unique system regarding these interactive toys is the colour classification connected to these toys. Blue toys mean a softer mater and designed for small to medium dogs while red toys are harder and are perfect for larger dogs.


 Alone Aussie Dog toys are perfect products for when you leave home for hours on end and want to stimulate your dog while you are away. These products contain correct ball sizes which means your dog can’t put the ball entirely into their mouth to avoid choking while you are out.

If you are looking for Australian made products or simply a toy that is specifically designed for when you work long hours, Aussie Dog toys are the perfect product to treat your best friend.