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Keep your bird chirping happily with Net to Pet’s range of bird accessories. Whether you’ve got a small parrot or a big bird, we’ve got a variety of bird feed and pellets to keep their bellies full and healthy, from nectar and diet pellets to the exotic South American mix and Macaw nuts. We also have a range of probiotics and vitamins to keep your bird’s system well balanced and functioning at optimum level. And for those moments when they may not be doing so well, you can put your mind at ease as we also stock antibiotics and mite and lice treatments.

At Net to Pet, we know how passionate animal owners are about their pets, and that’s why we’ve scoured the market to find the best products from the most trusted, premium brands. Bird owners are especially proud, and we want you to maintain that pride with the finest food, supplements, and treatments. We offer free shipping Australia-wide on all orders over $49*, so browse our range and make sure you’re well equipped to care for that special bird at all times.