Balancing a busy life with being a responsible pet owner can be tricky. No one understands this better than Net to Pet, who deliver premium pet supplies at reasonable prices straight to your door. They’ve made high-quality dog foods and accessories available to regular Australian families for nearly twenty years.’

This was how Net to Pet was introduced in a recent article by Bupa Pet Insurance. The article, 'Choosing Healthy Pet Treats Made Easy', gives you recommendations on the best ways to treat your pet and some of the leading brands who are supplying them.

We all want to reward our pets when they do a good thing, and we all want to give our pets treats to make them happy and content. However, we also want to keep our pets fit and healthy for longer, so a balance must be found. How can we keep those tails wagging without damaging the health of our animals?

A healthy and happy dog is easier to achieve than you might think. Take a look at our guidelines before choosing which healthy snacks are right for your pet.

Whole Food

We hear a lot about whole foods regarding human diets, so it is unsurprising that the same principles can be applied to the diets of our pets. A good rule of thumb is this; the more processing an ingredient undergoes, the less nutrients are going to be left for your pet. Look at the ingredients listed on a pack, they should be easily recognisable to you and the fewer ingredients, the less likely the treat is to contain hidden nasties.


Treats with organic ingredients are less likely to have been contaminated with chemicals, providing a far healthier snack for your dog, without compromising on flavour. Buying organic snacks also increases the likelihood of buying whole food too, by default.

Breakable Treats

A treat should be an add-on to your dog’s diet; it should not constitute anywhere near a majority of its daily food and calorie intake. Because of this, you need to look for treats that you can easily divide up into bite-size chunks, which can then be given to your dog as and when required. This gives you the opportunity to give as little or as much to your pet as necessary, and makes it far easier to regulate their calorie intake.

Health Benefits

It’s great to feel you are giving your dog something beneficial to their health when you reward them. Net to Pet have an exciting range of treats for dogs including dental chews that help to scrape the plaque off their teeth. Training treats, especially developed for puppies, are full of omega 3, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Check out our great range of treats as well as other pet goodies online and we’ll deliver direct to your door!