Behind The Brand: Mog & Bone

 Mog & Bone is the newest kid on the block when it comes to Pet Accessories producing stunning collars, leads, beds, and countless other nifty accessories! To coincide with our launch, we have asked Adele from Mog & Bone to provide us with a little background behind this family owned Perth business and an insight into their inspirations and picks from the range!


Mog & Bone 

Designer pet accessories are a very niche industry to dive into! Where did the idea for Mog & Bone come from?

 My family has had businesses in the fashion industry for many years, and we have always loved decorating our homes to reflect the latest trends in interior design and home-wares. And of course, as a family we have a huge amount of love for our pets - they play such a significant role in all of our lives and manage to inhabit virtually every corner of our homes.


We noticed that our pets’ accessories would often take pride of place in our homes (their beds in our living rooms, bowls in prominent places outside the house etc. etc.), and we often found it difficult to find stylish, modern & well executed pet accessories that would integrate into our homes and complement the contemporary aesthetic we love. Ultimately…..this is what inspired us to take advantage of our background in fashion and manufacturing in creating Mog & Bone – what could be better than combining two of my greatest loves, fashion & pets!

Mog & Bone


The range sways from rustic looking rope and leather items, vibrant patterns all the way to elegant pieces for the home, where did your inspirations come from when designing this range?

In every collection we design colour palettes and prints to compliment the trends we see emerging in home-wares and interior design markets. We’re also conscious of designing colour palettes and accessories that will integrate into a variety of different home interiors. For example, in the current range we have anchored the collection with 3 key colour groups:

- The mocca colour group, which is designed to suit homes that revolve around a more neutral colour palette of earthy tones, antique furniture and rustic, vintage influences.

- The navy blue colour group, which will suit interiors that like to incorporate pops of colour, or beach homes that feature a lot of white and washed back furniture pieces;

- The grey colour group, which is designed to suit modern homes that are showing lots of black & white colour tones, and even metallic and stainless feature pieces.


So the variety you see in Mog & Bone reflects our awareness of current trends in home-wares & fashion, as well as our ambition to cater for a broad variety of interior aesthetics.

Mog & Bone 

We can only imagine you love your furry friends and gain much needed help from them wherever they can lend a paw! Did your furry friends play a part in deciding what parts of the range were a winner?

Absolutely! My dog “Tiger” is our chief product tester. Everything I design for dogs has been fit tested on Tiger, and I have to say he is incredibly patient and understanding.  He does everything from posing for hours on end in our photo shoots, to wearing a different collar, lead and harness every week. We work together every day, which is a dream come true (for me at least), and Tiger is really the inspiration and driving 4-legged force behind the Mog & Bone brand!


Finally, we have to ask, if you had one piece you could choose from in the Mog and Bone range what would it be and why!

I think I would choose the 4 Seasons Reversible Bed. Simply because it is style, function and comfort combined in one piece. It is Tiger’s favourite bed - he has one at the office and one at home, and he has made it quite clear to me that touching or changing his bed is not an option he would like me to contemplate!

Mog & Bone

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