Net To Pet is excited to introduce SUSTENHANCE. Sustenhance is an australian owned company designed to provide natural health supplements for Health, Vitality & Performance for a large range of animals including poultry, canine and equine. We have provided a little detail on each product to help you choose the right product for your pet! 

Sustenhance for Poultry includes: 

Cool Chick

- Aids in maintaining water balance to assist in reducing the effects of heat stress in chickens. 

Poultry Tummy Aid 

- Assists in promoting optimal gut health system 

Perfect Poultry 

- For Vitality, Egg Quality and Show Conditioning 


Sustenhance for Canine/Feline includes:

Multi & More

- A water soluble source of multi vitamins and energy. 

Fibre & More 

- A natural dietary fibre for optimum digestion and general well-being. 


Sustenhance for Equine includes:

Equi Complete

- An all-in-one vitamin, mineral and gut health supplement.

Equi Omega Boost 

- Omega oils for cool energy, condition and shine. 


- A natural ingredient designed to improve palatability of feed. 


View the Sustenhance range and find out more about each product: