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Advance Dog Food And Cat Food

Why Choose Advance?

Advance Pet foods offer an extensive range of Super Premium Dog and Cat foods, scientifically formulated for every stage of your best friend’s life! Advance is made with high quality, nutritious ingredients that offer you dog and cat a balanced diet. Developed with Waltham which is a leading scientific authority in pet food meaning your pet is only receiving the best when it comes to nutrition with years of scientific research to back up these formulas.


Something For Every Lifestage

Advance offers a complete range of food, that is sure to suit your pet’s needs. Small adult, large breed dog, sensitive skin, sensitive stomach, senior cat, senior dog, or maybe an active dog? Advance has food for them all. Each life stage needs require specific needs, puppies need high levels of proteins and fats for optimal growth while senior dogs need glucosamine while proving lower levels of health to ensure positive joint health and weight maintenance.

Advance Dry Dog and Dry Cat food

Advance offers a dry food option for dogs and for cats. Dry food can assist oral health in both dogs and cats as the food can clean their teeth as they are eating. The abrasive action of the kibble being chewed and moved around the mouth scrapes away plaque and tartar build up. It also stimulates blood flow through the gums and healthy gums make for healthy teeth!

Everybody Enjoys Variety

Advance has a wet and dry dog and cat food available in a selection of flavours. You can choose from Chicken, Lamb, Beef or Turkey in the wet food for cat’s range and the wet food for dogs range includes a variety of casseroles as well as options such as lamb & rice or chicken & salmon. Not only do they carry formulas for puppies, adult and seniors dogs but they also now carry a breed specific range for retrievers and shepherds within the dog range or multi cat formulas in the cat range. Each of these products specialises in particular needs including coat health, digestive, dental care, and urinary care.

Australian Made, For Australian Pets

Made right here in Australia, Advance has been designed in Australia, for Australian pets. Consideration of the Australian climate and lifestyle has been made in the development of the Advance dog and cat food range. Developed using global science but tested locally as our unique climate can have an impact on your pets DNA, joint health, hydration and skin and coat health which is why this pet food provides you with optimal local nutrition.