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Aussie Dog Toys

Why choose Aussie Dog Toys?

As a dog owner himself, ‘Aussie Dog Joe’ became passionate about developing toys that would not become brittle being exposed to the Australian elements. All Aussie Dog Toys are made with safe, non-toxic, durable materials and are designed to stimulate your dog using their natural senses. With over 25 years’ experience and over 30 products to choose from, there is sure to be a toy that will keep your dog stimulated!

 Aussie Dog Toys, the range

The Aussie Dog Toy range includes toys for every kind of active dog and puppy. From frisbee obsessed Kelpies to power chewing Staffies, Aussie Dog has it covered.

The interactive dog toys, have been designed tough and there is a toy to cater from the smallest to the larges of our best friends. Unlike most dog toys that are categorised only as small, medium or large, the Aussie Dog interactive toy range has been colour coded to make choosing the right toy for your dog easy! Blue toys are slightly softer and designed for small to medium dogs, red toys are made of a harder compound and designed for dogs that are larger or for smaller dogs that prefer a harder toy.

The Aussie Dog Alone range have been developed to keep your dog out of mischief while you cannot be with them. It has been discovered that bored dogs can develop unpleasant or destructive behaviours like persistent barking or howling, through to chewing up yard furniture, trees or sometimes, even the house itself! The Aussie Dog Alone toys have been designed for the toughest of dogs with the strongest of jaws and will stimulate your best friend through the use of all their senses. The Aussie dog alone range has two options. The Home Alone and the balls. The Home Alone is based on your dog’s weight with toys available for dogs from 1kg through to dogs over 50kg! These toys are suspended from trees or other fixed points and are played within a tug-of-war fashion. The Alone balls are also selected based on your dog’s weight and are available for dogs who weigh 5kg – over 30kg.