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Balanced Life

Why Choose Balanced Life Dog Food?

Balanced Life air dried raw foods and treats provide your dog with a more natural diet, packed with premium Australian meat protein. Balanced Life further enriches the food by adding superfoods like alfalfa, coconut, kelp and cranberries. No grains, no gluten, no fillers. Air dried for maximum nutrition, Balanced Life dog food contains 80% raw meat, organs, bones & oils and 20% air dried fruit, vegetables and wholesome ingredients.

Different foods for variety

Balanced life is a complete balanced diet designed to meet the nutritional demands of your dog and is suitable for puppies and adult dogs. The all-natural recipes contain prebiotics to promote a healthy gut and immune system. Along with the original Balanced Life range, there is now also the Balanced Life Enhanced range which is Australia’s first super premium food to combine grain free kibble with air dried raw meat pieces!

Why should you give your dog dry food?

Kibble pieces aid in good dental health for your dog. All hard food can help clean your dog’s teeth as the abrasive action of the kibble being crushed in the chewing process scrapes plaque and tartar from your dog’s teeth. Balanced Life Dry Food is packed full of the ingredients that matter, combining delicious succulent meat proteins including lamb, salmon, kangaroo and chicken while combined with superfoods such as alfalfa, kelp, coconut and cranberries creating a diet which meets the unique nutritional needs of your best friend. Being completely natural, this range contains no fillers and absolutely no nasties including no artificial flavouring or preservatives

Innovation: Air Dried Raw Nutrition

How do you know your pet food has all the key nutrients locked in needed to keep your dog healthy? Balanced Life and Balanced Life Enhanced use the unique procedure of air drying ingredients which minimises processing and results in optimal nutrition as cooking and processing can sometimes result in food losing some of their nutritional value. Wet food can be a great way to provide variety into a dogs diet, but with this range, simply adding water to the dry food will turn Balanced Life into a casserole-style meal which will not only keep your dog hydrated but assists them with a healthy gut and digestive system.