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Over 75 Years Of Feeding Poultry

Every product in the Barastoc range is designed by a dedicated team of animal nutritionists who between them have a combined experience of over 75 years in formulating an animal feed which is 100% nutritiously balanced and complete. All ingredients are sourced from Australian farmers and are subjected to regular testing to ensure they meet the high standards that Barastoc expects.

Whether your chicken is your family pet or a showbird, there is something in the range for everyone. Barastoc understands the nutritional needs of your chickens and ensures these formulas contain optimal amounts of protein, energy and calcium keeping your flock in peak condition and producing eggs more often.

Something For Everyone: Barastoc Chicken Feed

The Barastoc essentials range has been developed using high-quality ingredients to create a complete feed diet for backyard flocks at all stages of life. Whether you are experiencing the joys of newly hatched chicks or caring for a more mature flock, the Barastoc essentials range has you covered with Chick Starter, Pullet Grower and Layer Mash or Layer Pellets. These delicious feeds are suitable for birds for all shapes, colours and sizes from growing pullets between 2-16 weeks and laying hens 16+ weeks, they have a product for every situation.

If you are looking for a more natural feed type, Barastoc chicken feed also offers the Barastoc Naturals range which is guaranteed to be made of all-natural ingredients, free from medications, added hormones and artificial colours and flavours. Still not convinced? How about the wellness range which is specifically designed to promote overall wellness and health in your chickens through containing a balance of vitamins and minerals to provide the nutritional needs which may not be met from every day feeds.

Made in Australia, using only premium Australian ingredients including cereals, corn, legumes, and animal proteins, Barastoc offers high quality feeds for Australian livestock and birds you know they will love while supporting our Australian farmers. Shop the range from Net to Pet today.