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Big 5 Protection Pack

Tapeworm, Intestinal worms, Heartworm, Fleas and Paralysis ticks, The Big 5 Protection Pack is a simple but effective way of protecting your dog against these parasites!

Trying to remember to buy an assortment of different treatments to make sure your dog is covered is tiresome and it can be confusing to know which treatment protects your dog against what. The Big 5 Protection Pack protects your dog inside and out with two easy to administer treatments.

Combining known and trusted products, Interceptor Spectrum and Credelio, The Big 5 Protection Pack is the simple way to protect your beloved pooch for 6 months with their 6-month protection pack.

What is Inside the Big 5 Pack?

The big 5 pack includes Interceptor Spectrum which is an easy to administer, once a month, tasty chew that prevents and controls heartworm, whipworm, hookworm and adult tapeworms in dogs. Your dog is going to love the real meat flavoured chew and Interceptor Spectrum is safe to use in puppies from as young as 2 weeks of age and is safe for pregnant and breeding males and females.

Did you know that heartworm is spread by mosquitoes? This means that all dogs are potentially at risk! Even those dogs that do not come in direct contact with other dogs! Interceptor Spectrum must be administered every month, preferably on the same date of each month for heartworm prevention to be the most successful.

Tell me about Credelio

Credelio is a small chewable tablet that starts to kill fleas within 2 hours with fleas being eliminated within 4-6 hours. Credelio breaks the flea life cycle by killing fleas before they can lay their eggs. In recent trials, Credelio demonstrated a higher than 95% success rate at keeping dog’s flea free for an entire month. Credelio kills fleas and ticks on your dog for a whole month and can be given to puppies from 8 weeks of age.

Protection for you dog and your family.

It is important to protect your dog against parasites as there are a number of parasites your dog may pick up that can be passed onto humans and infection of some of these parasites, like hydatid tapeworm can be fatal to humans. The Big 5 Protection pack is available in 5 different weight ranges designed to suit every dog. The packs are available in 2.5-4kg, 4-5.5kg, 5.5-11kg, 11-22 kg and 22-45kg.