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Canidae Dog And Cat Food

Canidae is unique delicious pet food which is made by pet people just like you and me. Each bag is made in the USA containing high amounts of vitamins and minerals by only using premium wholesome ingredients which are carefully selected to create the great formulas you know and love. There is a formula for every dog or cat of every shape and size including all life stages formulas and even grain free formulas which is perfect for those dogs with sensitivities to certain ingredients. Using only high quality ingredients including real meat proteins including meat or fish which is then paired with sweet potatoes, peas, lentils or chickpeas which are packed full of vitamins and minerals to make the perfect daily meal for your pet.

Canidae dog food provides complete and balanced meals without containing nasties including no wheat, antibiotics, hormones or artificial colours or flavours and instead only containing ingredients that matter. The difference in their formulas is there is limited amount of ingredients in the pack with a lot of the time only having 7-10 ingredients which are not only easily recognisable but each ingredient is selected to serve a purpose to keep your dog in optimal shape. Canidae Cat Food provides the required nutrients to keep your cat in great health.

Choose from grain free options including Pure Sea, Pure Elements and Pure Land. Each bag of kibble has added probiotics which is great for optimal gut health and healthy digestion, while antioxidants assist in a healthy immune system. Your pets skin and coat will be looking shiny and healthy through the addition of omega 3 and 6 oils and fatty acids.