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Canidae Dog And Cat Food

Pet food made by pet people.

Like you, the people at Canidae are pet people and the team use the same care and the same quality ingredients they want for their pets in the food they make for yours.

Canidae was established in 1996 with the desire to make a pet food that provides the best nutrition possible for you dog or cat. The team understand that you want the best for your pet and that is why they have developed the Life stages and Grain Free PURE ranges.

One food for all life stages

The unique Canidae All Life Stage recipe has been formulated by vets for dogs and cats of all ages, breeds and sizes, making mealtimes easier! The All Life Stage formula stops the guess work, there is no need to change food as your pet ages or worry about different diets for dogs and cats of different breeds or weights.

Can you tell me more about the Canidae All Life Stage recipes?

Nutritionally Dense Formula: Our pets crave a diet that is high in protein and big on taste. The nutritionally dense formula used in the All Life Stage recipe allows your pet to eat less yet leaves your pet feeling more satisfied and fuller for longer.

Premium Ingredients: Canidae recipes put meat and fish first in all their recipes and combine these with healthy ingredients like peas and brown rice. Chicken by-product meal, corn, wheat and soy products will never be found in Canidae pet foods.

HealthPLUS Solution in every bite: It is important that the food you feed your pet not only keeps them alive, but also supports healthy digestion, helps maintain the immune system and keeps their skin and coat beautiful. This is why Canidae add probiotics, antioxidants and omega 3 & 6 fatty acids to all their formulas.

My dog or cat has food sensitivities.

The Canidae Grain Free PURE formulas have been designed for sensitive dogs and cats, using simple recipes. Grain Free, limited ingredients diets can help those dogs and cats with food sensitivities, after all, less ingredients means less chance of a reaction. Each of the Canidae limited recipes are made with no more than 10 key ingredients with all the vitamins and minerals your dog or cat needs. Canidae grain free PURE is not just for dogs and cats with food sensitivities, the great flavour will ensure that all dogs and cats love the taste of the Canidae PURE range.

What makes Canidae Grain Free PURE different?

Real meat or fish is always first: Dogs and cats thrive on a diet high in animal protein and that is why Canidae starts all their recipes with real meat or fish for optimum nutrition and for a great taste your dog or cat is sure to love!

Whole foods for gentle digestion: Canidae use whole legumes like lentils and chickpeas and vegetables like sweet potatoes and peas in their nutritious, grain free formulas.

Simple recipes for sensitive pets: All of the Canidae Grain Free formulas contain no more than 10 key ingredients.

HealthPLUS solutions in every bite: Probiotics, antioxidants and omega 3 & 6 fatty acids are added to the kibble to help support healthy digestion, strengthen the immune system and support beautiful skin and coat in your dog or cat.