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Carefresh Complete Bedding

Made for the pets we love, by people who love pets!

Carefresh small animal bedding is made by Healthy Pet, a team of people who are passionate, innovative and committed to providing exceptional products that provide a wholly incredible life for your small animal.

Make their house their home.

Spoil your fluffy friend with the pillowy softness of Carefresh natural bedding, providing your small pet with most comfortable home imaginable! With two times more absorbency than regular shaving, Carefresh bedding keeps your pet warm and dry in a bedding material that not only absorbs better, but that is also 99% dust free! The unique manufacturing process used by Healthy Pets ensures that your pets home, and yours, is cleaner and healthier by reducing the fine dust particles that occur in other small animal bedding options. Carefresh complete  bedding offers 10 days of odor control utilising the Healthy Pet naturally based odor stop formula to contain ammonia odors.

What is Carefresh small animal bedding made of?

Carefresh is made from paper fibres, similar to those found in tissue as well as wood fibres like spruce, fir, pine and hemlock. All active ingredients, including dyes and those ingredients used in the odour stop formula, are human grade and have been reviews by vets and other animal health care experts to ensure that everything that goes into the manufacturing of Carefresh small animal bedding is safe for your favourite small pet. As the bedding is a natural product, colour and wood content may change, but the safety, quality and performance never will. Healthy Pet do not use bleach in the manufacturing of their products.

Carefresh small animal bedding is available in a range of options which include Confetti (a mix of colours for a festive look), natural bedding, white bedding and blue bedding.