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Catlux Cat Litter

Cats of Australia, Catlux presents the best seat in the house!

Gone are the days of sharp crystals or rough litter fragments creating an uncomfortable toileting experience for your cat. Catlux softwood clumping litter is soft on your cats’ paws, keeps your cat calm and stress free and it is easy to keep the litter tray clean as you can flush up to 40 grams of litter at a time.

Trials of the litter box

As someone who is a cat companion, you have more than likely entered into all kinds of battles or challenges with your cat over the way it uses its litter box! Some cats like to dig away for what seems like an eternity, spreading the litter all over the room, others do the splash and dash, acting like they would rather be anywhere else, while others will be perched precariously on the edge trying to aim their business in the right direction, only for it to miss and end up everywhere except in the litter tray! Catlux Clumping Litter is gentle on your cats’ paws and designed to replicate the experience of ‘going’ outside, reducing the stress or anxiety some cats feel about the time they spend using their litter box.

Made from 100% Australian softwood chips, This litter is long lasting, super absorbent and has active odour control for a fresher smelling environment. Containing less than 30% bentonite, Catlux Softwood litter can be flushed in small amounts (not in septic system situations), mixed in with your compost or disposed of in the rubbish bin, making it one of the easiest litter’s to dispose of.

Available in 3 convenient sized bags of 6 litres, 24 litres and 30 litres, Catlux Litter is proudly Australian owned and made and available at Net to Pet.