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Catmate Cat Litter

Most cat owners would agree that controlling litter box mess and odours is one of the most frustrating things about owning a cat. It can feel like no matter how many times you clean the litter tray, the first thing you notice when you get home is the smell your cat has left behind! Catmate cat litter is an eco-friendly wood pellet litter that is not only easy to use but also super absorbent.

What makes Catmate litter different from other litters I have tried?

5-star Odour Control – Probably the biggest concern for cat owners is eliminating the litter box odours! Catmate contains natural oils that prevent the growth of the bacteria that causes the ammonia smell that can make owning a cat so unpleasant.

5-star anti-tracking – Kitty litter belongs in only two places. In the bag you bought it in, and in the litter tray! Finding litter all over the house because it has been stuck on your cat’s feet is not only frustrating and untidy, it is also unhygienic. Catmate wood pellets are heavier than paper-based litter products and do not stick to your cat’s feet or fur.

5-star anti-staining – Catmate does not contain any added colouring or pigments that are known to stain the fur of cats, after all, a cat’s fur should remain the colour that nature intended it to!

5-star absorbency -  Catmate is a naturally absorbent litter. Absorbency is a vital factor to containing unwanted smells and odours.