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Cats Best

The Next Generation in Cat litter

Cat’s Best is a litter that is entirely plant-based, using technically refined wood fibres that act immediately to absorb liquids and trap odours. These wood fibres are capable of encapsulating a level of up to seven times their volume in a way that is natural and safe, meaning that unpleasant litter box odours do not have the chance to form.

The Original Litter

As a clumping litter, the Original uses the power of the active wood fibres to absorb liquids and odours, trapping them deep inside. This process neutralises odours so effectively, that the litter can remain in the tray for up to seven weeks, however it is most effective when solids and clumps are cleaned regularly.

Cat’s Best Smart Pellets

Pellet designed litter greatly reduces the amount of litter that is carried with the cat when it leaves the litter box, as the pellets do not stick the cats fur or feet. The Smart Pellets are a soft clumping litter and they are still made of the same active wood fibres as the Cat’s Best Original ensuring that no matter which litter you choose, liquids are absorbed and odours are neutralised.

Both the  Original and The Smart Pellet Litter are both made exclusively from sustainable and biodegradable materials, which means you can offer the best to your cat, without damaging the environment.