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Catsan Litter

Did you know that the very first experiences that your kitten has in their litter tray can influence their toileting behaviour for life? Cats are clean animals and they prefer that their litter tray is hygienic and comfortable and that is why the team at Catsan have developed these litters.

Catsan Crystal Cat litter

Made from a highly absorbent silica gel crystal, this litter has fast acting absorbency which helps eliminate odours and has a pleasant fresh scent. As the silica gel crystals absorb the urine, they will change from white to clear as they reach their absorbency capability. If you notice that the urine is pooling at the bottom of the tray, this is an indication that the crystals have reached their capacity. If cleaned correctly, that is removing solids each day, scooping out the clear crystals and topping up if required, a 4 kg bag of litter should last one cat up to 4 weeks.

Catsan Clumping Litter

Made from naturally occurring bentonite sourced here in Australia, the clumping litter quickly absorbs moisture and liquid forming clumps for easy removal. Catsan Clumping litter naturally controls odour and lasts longer than ordinary clay litters. All solids and urine clumps should be removed at least once a day. The litter levels may need to be topped up with each clean and one 4kg bag should last one cat up to 4 weeks cleaning on a daily basis.

It is recommended for your cats health, and for the health of yourself and family that at least once every 4 weeks, or each time you open a new bay of litter, your cats litter tray should be cleaned and dried thoroughly. This cleaning practice will also ensure that your cat continues to feel comfortable using its litter tray.