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Cherie Cat Litter

We are all becoming aware of how important it is that each of us do what we can to work with the environment instead of against it. With this belief in mind, the team behind Cherie Cat litter have developed a more environmentally friendly litter solution for your cat’s needs. The team believe that the steps they have taken to provide a litter made from sustainably managed forests helps the world, one litter box at a time.

What makes this Cat Litter different to other litters?

Made from timber grown in 100% sustainably managed forests, Cherie Litter offers natural odour control with no added perfumes that are designed to mask those litter box smells!

- Dust Free, reducing dust related allergy flare-ups in both cats and people. The dust-free formula also prevents the mess that can be associated with clay-based litters as the clay dust particles can travel around the house in the air and on the cat.

- Able to store up to 4 times its own weight in liquid! Better absorbency helps eliminate those unpleasant litter box odours more quickly.

- Naturally scented with a pleasant Fir scent, Cherie Cat litter does not add perfumes to mask litter box smells. The wood pellets contain the liquid and bacteria that cause odours.

- Low tracking as the irregular shaped pieces has rounded edges that are less likely to get caught in your cats feet or fur which reduces the chances of litter tracking throughout your home. The rounded litter pieces are also more comfortable on your cats feet making the use of the litter box a more pleasant experience for your cat.

- Low maintenance. Once the clumps are dry in the tray, it is time to throw them away. As you are only disposing of solids and clumps, a 10L bag of Cherie Cat litter can last up to 6 weeks!

- Naturally Biodegradable as the litter is made entirely of wood scraps that would otherwise go to waste. Being made of 100% biodegradable materials means that this Cat litter can be disposed of in your compost or household waste.