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Chipsi Pet Bedding

The right bedding for every pet.

Nature always has the right solutions for our pets. Chipsi pet bedding has been inspired by what nature has to offer and their bedding products are made of wood, cellulose, hay and maize or hemp. Over the years, the team at Chipsi pet products have discovered how to process the plant-based materials to ensure optimal cleanliness and hygiene for your furry, scaly or feathered friend. Making use of plant-based materials ensures that your pet is safe while they carry out their daily activities, no matter whether they are playing, resting, chewing or nesting.

Nature knows best.

Chipsi pet bedding is organic with no chemical additives and is made from wood and other natural organic fibres. The natural fibres used in the bedding are virtually dust free, extra absorbent and are capable of long term odour neutralisation. Chipsi bedding is biodegradable and is perfectly suitable for small pets.

With a range for small pets that includes Chipsi Classic bedding, Chipsi Ultra bedding, Chipsi Nesting Active, Chipsi Strawberry bedding, green apple bedding and citrus bedding, there is sure to be a small animal bedding option that suits your needs.

Snakes, Lizards and Birds. Chipsi pet products has them covered too!

Chipsi pet products also offers a range of substrates that are suitable for reptile terrariums and bird nesting boxes. The Chipsi extra range is made of organic beechwood granules and has been specifically designed for use with these pets.

Chipsi snake is made from untreated softwoods. It is 100% natural with no chemical additives. Chipsi snake bedding has a fresh aroma, is dust free, anti-microbial, extra absorbent and has odour binding capabilities.