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Dentipet Dog Toothpaste

You brush your teeth right? You know that brushing your teeth prevents plaque build-up, aids in the prevention of cavities and keeps your breath smelling fresh. Your dentist has told you how maintaining good oral health and hygiene is not only vital for a fabulous smile, but important for your general health and wellbeing too.

Did you know, that this is the same for your dog and cat? It is just as important that your dog and cat’s oral health is maintained and while providing your dog or cat with chew toys, bones and kibble can be a great way to stimulate blood flow in the gums and work the plaque away from their teeth, your pet’s teeth should be brushed too!

Brushing my dog or cat’s teeth? Are you serious?

Totally! Dentipet toothpaste for dogs and cats can  be used to clean their teeth and prevent the buildup of plaque which in turn prevents dental disease and bad breath. Dentipet toothpaste is a gentle abrasive and polishing agent which contains sodium pyrophosphate and is available in either beef or chicken flavour.

How do I administer toothpaste to my dog or cat?

It is recommended that you introduce a dental hygiene routine with your pet as early as possible, but it is never too late to start. To start, just massage your dog or cats teeth and gums with your finger, while reassuring and praising your pet. Once they are comfortable with this behaviour. You can introduce the toothpaste onto your finger tip. Once this routine is established, it is recommended that you introduce the reusable finger brush or toothbrush for a more thorough cleaning experience.