Dog Rocks

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Dog Rocks

Have you ever looked at your lawn and wondered why it is covered in yellowed or burnt patches? It may be your dog’s urine! Tap water contains elements such as tin and nitrates which can burn your lawn. How can you stop this you ask? Dog Rocks is your answer. This product is 100% natural and mined right here in Australia!

What are they?

They filter impurities in your dog’s water. These impurities are usually passed through your dog’s system in the form of urine and when your lawn comes into contact with them, the result is urine burn, which leads to burnt yellow patches across your lawn. Dog Rocks provide a cleaner drinking water for your furry friend and will stop those unsightly yellowed patches in your yard.

This unique product can turn your dog’s urine from a lawn burning waste product into a fertiliser for your lawn! Great for your lawn and for your dog.

How are they made?

Dog Rocks are mined from the earth and the only human intervention is when they are run through a grader to size the rocks. The rocks are sized in order to select only rocks that meet the minimum size requirements put in place to prevent choking.

My other pets drink from the same bowl as my dog. Is it safe for other animals?

Absolutely! As this product is 100% natural, and it is designed to filter and not add anything to your dog’s water, your other pets can still drink from the same water bowl.

How will I know if the Dog Rocks are working?

While the rocks themselves will provide no indication that they are doing anything, you will notice that the burned patches in your lawn will stop appearing within 5 weeks. The existing burn patches will need to be repaired, or will disappear in time with regular mowing and lawn maintenance.

How do I dispose of this product?

The rocks are completely organic. Disposing of the rocks is not harmful to the environment, as they came from the earth. Simply throw them away, or dig them into your garden.

Dog Rocks are available in 200g and 600g packs.