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Essential Dog

A 100% Australia made and owned company, the team entrusted to develop the brand are passionate about providing an entirely natural grooming line that will leave your beloved pooch, clean, relaxed and itch free.

After two years of research, the team at Essential Dog discovered that the reason behind most issues with the majority of dog grooming products on the market, is the use of synthetic fragrances and sulphates which are irritating to a dog's skin and can lead to skin issues such as dermatitis, allergies, itchiness and irritated skin.

What makes these products different?

The entire range has been carefully developed by a team of veterinarians, naturopaths, chemists and natural perfumers to create a dog grooming range that is like no other on the market. Unlike other natural dog shampoos you may have tried, the Essential Dog shampoos are thick and foamy and contain absolutely no sulphates. The scents can only be described as breathtaking and have been crafted by one of Australia’s leading natural perfumers. They have not only been designed for their aromatic properties, but to also promote a relaxing and pleasurable bath time for both you and your dog.

The entire dog grooming range has been formulated to be suited for dogs with sensitive skin and/or skin allergies and are pH balanced which means they will not strip your dog’s skin or coat of the natural oils that are produced.

Using only premium quality, locally sourced ingredients that are 100% biodegradable, the range is not only good for your dog, it is good for the environment too. All products are free from parabens, sulphates, mineral and castor oils and contain no artificial colours or synthetic fragrances. Essential dog proudly uses Eco Cert approved and plant derived ingredients and are 100% cruelty free. Even the packaging has been carefully considered. All plastic bottles are 100% biodegradable PET bottles and the dispensing systems (pumps, caps and sprayers) are made from 100% recyclable plastic. With absolutely no animal products used in the making of their range, they are a vegan friendly business.