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Felix Cat Food

There is nothing better than hearing your favourite feline purr in delight as you prepare their favourite meal! Keep your kitty happy and healthy with the Felix Cat food range. Felix is specially prepared with real pieces of meat and is perfectly balanced with vitamins, minerals, and Omega 6 fatty acids to meet all your cats daily nutritional needs while keeping them purring with happiness!

The Felix Cat Food range

From fully balanced meals through to treats, keep your cat happy and healthy with the Felix cat food range.

Sensations Sauces are a range of meals with deliciously tender pieces of meat or fish, combined with an assortment of sauces for a surprise that will have even the fussiest cat excited! These mouthwatering meals smell, look and taste so delicious and are made with a perfectly balanced combination of Vitamins D & E and Omega 6 Fatty Acids. Felix Sensations Sauces are available in two multipacks and include the Fish selection with 4 of each of Salmon in Prawn flavoured sauce, Mackerel in Tomato flavoured sauce and Sardine in Carrot flavoured sauce while the Meat Selection offers your cat a choice of Beef in tomato flavoured sauce, Lamb in Game flavoured sauce and Duck in Carrot flavoured sauce.

Sensations Jellies: are made with tender pieces of meat or fish in a flavoursome jelly, just too good for your cat to resist! When fed to your cat according to the feeding guideline on the pack, the Felix Sensations Jellies offer your cat the perfect combination of Vitamins D & E, minerals and Omega 6 Fatty Acids. The Sensations Jellies range is available in Fish selection, Favourites Menu, Meat Selection, and Mixed Menu.

As Good as it Looks: This range looks, smells and tastes so irresistibly good that your cat will find it hard for you to finish serving the food before they want to dive right in! Felix As Good as it Looks is specially prepared meat or fish, cooked to tender perfection and presented in an irresistible jelly. These meals are full of goodness and satisfy your cats daily nutritional needs. This range is available in Kitten Menu, Poultry menu, Meat Menu, Ocean Menu, Country Menu, and Favourites selection.

Everyone deserves a treat now and then!

Enjoy more special moments with your furry friend and treat them to Felix Party Mix. Available in Original Mix, Seafood Mix and Mixed Grill, the Party Mix treats are enriched with protein, vitamins, and Omega 6 Fatty Acids.