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Friskies Cat Food

Developed by Purina, Friskies dry cat food offers an assortment of flavours that should get your pampered puss purring! Purina have brought together a team with experience and a special interest in cats to develop a quality dry cat food that you can feel confident feeding to your cat.

Why should I feed Friskies cat food to my cat?

Friskies is rich in protein which helps maintain strong, lean muscles and contains essential fatty acids, with Omega 3 and 6 for healthy skin and a shiny coat. This unique formula also contains antioxidants which help support your cats immune system and vitamin A and taurine which support your cat’s eye health.

The Range

Friskies is available in a variety of flavours. These include:

- Friskies 7: 7 of your cats favourite flavours in one pack! A perfect mix of chicken, beef, turkey, salmon, tuna, shrimp and cheese flavoured biscuits, sure to delight.

- Indoor Delights: Specially formulated for your indoor cat, designed to help control litter box odours and hairballs. This formula is a tempting mix of chicken, beef, salmon and cheese with the added benefit of garden greens, to give your indoor cat a real taste of the outdoors!

- Meaty Grills: Offering a full flavoured balanced meal with meaty flavours of beef, chicken, lamb and turkey.

- Seafood Sensations: A truly tantalising mix of ocean flavours which include ocean whitefish, salmon, tuna, shrimp, crab and seaweed. The perfect balanced meal for seafood loving cats!

- Surfin & Turfin Favourites: Your cats wildest dreams have come true with this exciting taste combination! Offering your cat an enticing aroma, appealing biscuit shapes and the tempting flavours of chicken, beef, ocean whitefish, crab and salmon.