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Fussy Cat Litter

Finding which cat litter suits your cats preference can be difficult, but as anyone who owns a cat knows, if your cat doesn’t like what is on offer, there is nothing you can do to change their mind! Attapulgite litters are natural and replicate the feeling of being outdoors which some cats prefer for their toileting. The team behind Fussy Cat litter is the largest attapulgite based litter manufacturer in Australia.

What is attapulgite and why is it used in cat litter?

Attapulgite is a lightweight creamy white clay that is non clumping, highly absorbent and highly effective with odour control, all qualities that make attapulgite the perfect cat litter!

What makes Fussy Cat litter different to other litters?

·         100% natural with no added chemicals, clumping agents, colours or fragrances.

·         Non clumping which avoids congestion and blockages in your cats intestines if it is ingested

·         Capable of controlling odours naturally

·         Highly absorbent

·         Non tracking so more of the litter stays in the tray!

·         Kitten, child and earth friendly and can be disposed of in your general waste and can be dug through your garden beds to add condition to your soil

100% Australian owned and made with materials sourced here in Australia.