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Gentle Leader

You love spending time with your dog, exploring parks and outdoor spaces, but your dog has developed a bad habit of pulling on the lead every time he sees something that excites him. You want to continue taking your dog out but the thought of the constant pulling and tugging on the lead makes you think twice about including your furry friend on your walks. If this sounds like the time you spend with your dog when walking him, then it is time to consider the Gentle Leader range.

Gentle Leader Easy Walk Harness

Designed to gently discourage your dog from pulling and tugging on the leash, the Gentle Leader Harness works by steering your dog to the side when they start pulling and this turns their focus back on you instead of what has caught their attention. Unlike traditional collars, that rest against the throat of the dog, which can result in choking and gagging when they pull or tug, the Easy Walk Harness rests against the dogs chest and has 4 adjustments points to ensure a correct fit and is designed for easy removal or fitting with the quick snap buckles on the shoulder and belly straps.

This Harness is available in 4 colours and 8 sizes .

Gentle Leader Headcollar

It is important to know that the headcollar is not a muzzle. When the Gentle Leader Headcollar is correctly fitted, your dog when on a loose lead is still able to open their mouth to eat, drink, pant, fetch or bark. These behaviours can be stopped by gently pulling on your lead to close your dog’s mouth. The Gentle Leader Headcollar has two, soft nylon straps. The collar portion should sit high at the top the next while the nose loop fits loosely and comfortably around the base of the muzzle. The headcollar has been designed to teach your dog how to walk with you in public by using a language that they understand. Each strap is distinct and plays an important role in stopping the pulling or lunging behaviours that your dog may display. The Nose loop applies gentle pressure around the muzzle and replicates the feeling your dog would feel if their pack leader were to reprimand them in a pack situation. When you pull the lead to tighten the nose loop, your dog is learning that you are the leader and they learn that barking or snapping when on their walk is not acceptable behaviour. The neck strap utilises a pressure point on your dog’s neck that works with your dog’s natural relaxation instinct. With the gentle pressure being applied at the back of your dog’s neck, your dog will pull backwards, not forwards which corrects lead pulling and tugging.

This Headcollar is available in 5 colours and 4 sizes.