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Gold Cob Bird Food

For over 130 years, Golden Cob have been producing breeder’s quality seed ranges, developed to provide Australian birds with a nutritious diet to keep them healthy and happy. Each of the products in this range has been specially formulated and contains a mixture of carefully selected seeds that are suitable for specific bird types. Whether you are a breeder, proud parrot parent or backyard birdwatcher, the team of reputable breeders and avian experts at Golden Cob has developed a seed that is suitable for you.

The Golden Cob Range

Each mix provides a delicious and nutritious mix specifically designed to help keep your bird in peak condition. Each seed is coated with a vitamin and mineral enriched oil that ensures you are providing your bird with balance diet and a good supply of essential nutrients that include –

·         Vitamin A: Important for good eyesight and assists with maintaining a healthy immune system.

·         Vitamin D3: Assists with calcium absorption.

·         Vitamin E: Important for reproductive health and increases fertility in breeding birds.

·         Iodine: Aids healthy thyroid function.

This range includes seed mixes for Budgerigars, Cockatiels, Finches, Small Parrots and Parrots.