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Harmony Bird Food

Australian Parrots are some of the most unique birds on earth. For those of us who do not have one as a pet, feeding native birds that visit our back yards can be an enjoyable past time. Harmony Wild Bird products have been developed as a healthy supplement to the wild birds diet and their range includes seed mixes, treats and food for nectar eaters.

The Harmony Wild Bird Range

Harmony Wild Bird Seed Mix is available in 2kg, 4kg and 8kg bags and is a great way to encourage seed eating parrots to your back yard. Specifically blended to include an assortment of seed, fruit and nuts that will appeal to a variety of parrots, from the smallest through to the largest.

Harmony Wild Bird Sunflower Mix is available in 2 convenient sizes, 1.5kg and 3kg and is a great treat alternative for wild birds.

Harmony No More Waste Seed mix is the perfect option for people who like the idea of inviting native birds into their yard but do not want the mess husks left behind. This seed mix is 100% edible as the seed has been de-hulled. No more messy husks left in the garden or on your deck.

Harmony Lorikeet & Honeyeater Mix is a tempting, yet healthy offering for lorikeets and other honey eaters. Simply sprinkle it over fruit or mix it a bowl with a little warm water to entice these beautiful birds into your yard.

Wild Bird Seed and Sunflower Seed Cones are a ready to hang cone of either wild bird seed or sunflower seed that are blended with real honey, not edible glue, making them an easy to use bird attractant sure to bring parrots into your garden.

No More Waste Seed Blocks come with a string hanger made from natural fibres, ready to hang from a tree in your yard. Blended with added fruit, nuts and honey, these seed blocks are 100% edible! The seed used has been de-hulled, which means that the outer husk of the seeds that the birds normally peel off has already been removed and as a result, there is no more waste material left in your garden to germinate or on your deck!

No More Waste Seed Platters are similar to the seed blocks, made from de-hulled seed. The platter also comes with a natural twine hanger and the seed platter is topped with a unique blend of apple, carrot, peanuts and spinach which birds love!