Heartgard Plus

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HeartGard Plus

Heartworm is a threat to your dog, no matter where you live. It only takes one bite from an infected mosquito for your dog to contract heartworm! Heartworm can affect dogs of all ages and can cause permanent lung damage to dogs within as little as 70 days of infection. Indoor dogs can still contract heartworm as it is spread through mosquito bite and not through direct contact with infected dogs

Your dog could have heartworm without showing any outward signs of infection.

Prevention is easier than cure.

HeartGard Plus is a tasty, once a month chew that your dog will love! No more fighting with your dog to administer tablets that they hide in their cheeks or drop on the floor, with this tasty medicated chew, your dog will think that you are giving them a treat! When administered according to the dosage direction, HeartGard Plus prevents heartworm disease in dogs and puppies from as young as 8 weeks of age.

Does HeartGard Plus just prevent heartworm?

No. HeartGard Plus also prevents roundworm and hookworm, parasites that can be passed from the dogs environment to your dog.

When Can I start my dog on HeartGard Plus?

You can start treating your dog with HeartGard Plus as soon as your vet confirms that your dog is heartworm free. Safe for stud dogs, breeding, pregnant and lactating mother dogs and puppies from 8 weeks of age, HeartGard Plus is available in 4 weight ranges to make providing the correct dosage for your dog easy.

HeartGard Plus is available in 3 or 6 month treatment packs.