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Hills Science Diet Dog Food and Cat Food

Lifelong health. It starts with science.

Science Diet understands that no two pets are alike. From puppies and kittens right through to mature dogs, pets have different biological needs at different stages of their development. Using cutting edge food science, Science Diet Dog Food and Science Diet for Cats is a precisely balanced nutritious meal to help your dog or cat lead a healthy and happy life. Using research from the Global Pet Nutrition Centre, Hill’s has become the global leader in companion animal health care, providing a precisely balanced nutritious food that promotes wellness and assists with the therapeutic needs of pets around the world.

With a team of over 220 veterinarians, food scientists, technicians and nutritionists developing the Hills Science Diet range, you can rest assured that the dog or cat food you have purchased is not only nutritious but scientifically formulated to contain exactly what your pet needs. All the ingredients used are from suppliers whose facilities meet the highest of standards set down by Hills. Not only is each ingredient examined to ensure its safety, each ingredient is also checked for essential nutrients and every batch of food is scientifically assessed before it is sold to ensure consistency.

Who knew science could be at the heart of a quality dog and cat food?

Science Diet offers an extensive range of flavour options across their dry dog and cat food as well their wet dog and cat food. From Science Diet Puppy food right through to mature dog food and kitten food to senior cat food, Science Diet has unraveled the biology behind your pets’ health requirements and has an option to suit. Puppy, Kitten, small dog, large dog, sensitive skin & stomach and indoor cat food as well hairball control and light or weight management foods, you will find a dog and cat food that is scientifically suited to your pets needs.

Hills Science Diet has been specialising in scientifically developed dog and cat food for well over 40 years and have become a trusted name in homes across Australia and is the #1 food recommended by vets. This range caters for everyone even containing a prescription range which specialises in specific health conditions including kidney, urinary, and digestive care.

Helping You, Helping Them

Not only are you providing your pet with optimal nutrition, but you are also supporting rescue dogs and cats with every Hills Science Diet purchase, as over $280 million dollars worth of food has been donated since 2002 to over 1,000 shelters which have rehomed over 8 million. It is premium nutrition with a helping hand.