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Iams Cat Food

The only way to know how to feed a cat properly is to know cats and that is why IAMS have committed themselves to know cats better than anyone else in the pet food industry. The team believes that through innovative research and by following their unique nutritional philosophy, they can enhance the life of cats around the world.

Paul F. Iams, the founder of the company, spent a lot of time with breeders and nutritionists to understand the importance of protein and the role of fat in pet foods. Paul Iams was the first in the pet food industry to consider that dogs and cats are primarily carnivorous and this consideration revolutionised the pet food industry.

What makes Iams cat food different?

The Iams nutritional difference is not only based on years of dedicated research, but it also comes from an innovative way of thinking about the dietary requirements and the behaviours of cats. The Iams team believe that feeding your cat the right diet can boost their immunity, maintain muscle, promote healthy digestion and reduce tartar build up. That is why the formulas across the entire range have animal-based protein as their number one ingredient.

Iams were the first in the pet food market to:

·         Develop dry, animal-protein based diets to suit the specific needs of dogs and cats

·         Tailor make formulas for pets by life stages

·         Develop formulas to meet the common needs of pets, like their formula for senior animals.


A cat food for every life stage

From the first meal you feed your brand-new kitten, to diets for indoor cats, adult cats or mature cats, Iams cat food has a food for your cat’s life stage. Each formula has been developed to offer your cat exactly what it needs at each stage of its development to ensure that your cat is as healthy and happy as it can be.

Available in 3kg, 8kg or 15kg bags, there is not only a formula for every cat, there is bag size suitable for every family too.