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Kong Dog and Cat Toys

Kong toys were created back in 1970 when Joe Markham noticed his beloved German Shepherd ‘Fritz’ enjoyed chewing on a hard rubber suspension device from a bus! He spent the next 6 years experimenting with different compounds to create a durable chew toy that had a similar size and shape to the suspension device that he could sell to pet owners. When he had finally come up with a compound he was happy with, Joe showed it to a friend who commented that the toy looked like an ear plug that King Kong would use, and from there, the now world-famous toy with the funny name was born!

The Secret life of your pet

While most of us would love to hang out with our dog or cat all day, this is sadly not possible for most of us, so what do our pets do when we are not home? We have all seen the videos online of the secret lives of cheeky pets and the silly antics some of them get up to! Most of our pets however will recognise that we have left, look around for something to do, get bored and sleep their day away, waiting for us to return. Some of our pets will get bored of being bored and will look for something to keep themselves occupied and that is when the behaviours we do not like set in, like barking, howling or chewing yard furniture, hoses, plants or even the house!

Like people, dogs and cats need to be stimulated

Kong dog and cat toys have now been enriching the lives of dogs and cats around the world for over 40 years and they are proud that they offer toys that stimulate dogs and cats mentally and physically. Kong recognises that dogs and cats come in a range of sizes and activity levels and have developed an extensive range of toys that include puppy and kitten toys, adult dog and cat toys and toys for power chewers.

All Kong toys are made from durable materials that undergo a rigorous testing process to ensure that the toys you are providing your dog or cat are safe and will last the distance.

Did you know The Kong original is not just designed for chewing? The open internal cavity is designed to be able to be filled with treats to keep you dog busy and thinking and you can even part fill the Kong original with beef broth and pop it in the freezer for a tasty summer treat! Kong have not forgotten their feline friends with the creation of the Kong Cat Kitty Kong! Designed to be similar in appearance to the Kong original, just cat sized, it offers the same features and can be also be filled with cat treats to keep your cat engaged.

Puppy & Kitten toys, soft dog and cat toys, balls, cat lasers, chew toys and even treats, Kong has something for every dog and cat.