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Nutro Dog Food And Cat Food

Nutro has been a leader in providing both premium dog food and cat food for over ninety years through providing top quality nutrition focused on what nature has to offer. This range provides optimal nutrition, taste and quality your pet will be sure to love. Each bag focuses on the idea of “Feed Clean”, this means their formulas are simple and trustworthy meaning you know what you are feeding your pet, made from only real ingredients sourced from local farmers right here in Australia.

Three key pillars Nutro focus on, form the basis of their dry food formulas:

  • Simple: This relates to the kibble containing absolutely no nasties including no artificial flavours, colours and specific ingredients like wheat or soy protein which means these formulas are clean and perfect for everyday feeding.

  • Purposeful: Each ingredient is specifically chosen to serve a purpose to provide a food packed full of vitamins and minerals with a premium quality protein the foundation of every bag.

  • Trustworthy: Each product has been intensively tested in trusted facilities testing for both quality and safety in your dog and cat food. 

Still not convinced, every bag full is packed full of wholesome, premium ingredients including Tasmanian salmon, Australian lamb, delicious rice all sourced from Australian farms meaning you know this dry food is made with love.

Does your dog or cat suffer from sensitive stomach issues? Nutro provides protein-rich formulas such as wild frontier while also providing limited ingredient diets which provide a gentle formula for your pet while grain-free diets are also available which is perfect for those pets with sensitivities to grain diets. If you are looking for a 100% complete and balanced diet you can’t look past Nutro to provide your dog or cat with a healthy, wholesome Australian diet.