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Oz Pet Litter

Oz-Pet was one of the original wood pellet litters on the market. Introduced in 2004, it has since become a trusted and well known product. Oz-Pet animal litter has been developed from a process that converts wood waste from plantation timber into a wood pellet for use as quality pet litter and bedding. The process involves taking raw wood shavings and sawdust and treating it with extreme heat and pressure during the pellet making process to extract most of the resins, oils, tars, acids, and water from the fibre. The remaining material gives the organic wood pellets natural odour control properties. These wood pellets are the ultimate anti-microbial litter that will stop the unpleasant odours emanating from your cats litter tray by eliminating the odour, not just neutralizing it like other litters do.

What are the benefits?

Oz Pet Litter is completely odour free and doesn’t just neutralise odours but eliminates them compared to other products which just mask the odours. This wood litter is extremely absorbent meaning your bag of litter will last much longer while absorbing up to 3 litres of liquid. This awesome cat litter is safe, recyclable and even biodegradable with no added chemicals which means the used litter can be composted or used as mulch in your garden and as it is 100% organic, the pellets break down completely in the soil. This litter is great to use for a wide range of pets, including kittens, cats, birds, reptiles, guinea pigs and rodents.

Not only do Oz Pet produce a popular litter designed for pets of all shapes and sizes but they were the first to develop the two-piece sieve tray which is extremely common in households now which savings your further money by helping your litter go further and makes it much easier to clean their litter trays which can be a very frustrating job at times.