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The Passwell Bird Food Range contains a large range of products which provide your bird with a balanced maintenance diet keeping them happy and healthy. No matter if you are after pellets, crumbles, supplements or rearing mixes, this range has something for everyone, no bird too big or small. As you may know Birds eat a large range of foods which is why Passwell have classified their range into 3 categories: Granivore, Nectarivore, Insectivore/Carnivore.  

What food should I feed my bird?
It can be confusing sometimes as to what food you should be feeding which bird. This is why Passwell assists in helping you pick the right diet for your bird. Whether they are seed or grain eaters, which include parrots and finches, birds you may be feeding in your garden which are usually nectar and pollen eaters, or even food for insectivores such as magpies and kookaburras meaning no bird will be left hungry with this awesome range.

Commercial seed mixes can often contain seeds your birds won’t eat. This results in a large amount of wastage and sometimes, the seeds they add can be lacking in the correct nutrients and minerals that the bird needs to be healthy, which is why Passwell bird food only use the highest quality of ingredients made and owned right here in Australia so you will pleased to know you are supporting local farmers while keeping your feathered friend in tip top condition. No matter if you are feeding birds in your garden or you own cage & aviary birds, this extensive range of products will cater to everyone and will leave your feathered friend in optimal condition.