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The pedigree idea is that every dog deserves a loving home, and we agree. Pedigree dog food was developed by a passionate team over 40 years ago and these recipes have evolved since then to make the meal your dog knows and loves. The story is real and is focused on four awesome pillars to keep your dog happy and healthy. This kibble helps support a positive immune system, shiny skin and coat, great digestion and healthy dental care.

Almost a half a century of scientific research has gone into this unique formula from the WALTHAM centre of pet nutrition which is a team of scientists which develop premium pet nutrition and focused on areas to keep your canine in tip-top shape including energy needs, immune health, and general animal wellbeing. Pedigree is manufactured right here in Australia. This means not only are you providing your dog great food but also supporting local farmers and growers means it is a win-win for everyone. 

Struggling to find what formula to feed your dog? Pedigree makes it easy with a formula to suit everyone. Whether they are a puppy, adult or senior there is a bag of kibble for everyone with each lifestage size focusing on specific needs and requirements for their life stage. Pedigree puppy food is designed to provide complete nutrition for your young puppy. Whilst puppies needed similar ingredients and nutrients to adult dogs, they need higher levels of certain nutrients including protein and fats for premium growth. Do you like giving your dog both dry food and wet food? Don’t worry Pedigree has you covered, with a range of wet and dry options in different sizes to accommodate the different needs for your pet. 

We can’t forget about their treat range, Pedigree has created dental treats which are specifically designed to reduce tartar build-up and improve general dental health by keeping their teeth strong and healthy. So no matter if you are after dog food which provides complete and balanced nutrition or dental treats which improves their dental well being, Pedigree has something in their range for everyone at affordable prices.