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PlaqueOff for Dogs and Cats

Tartar build up is not just a problem for humans, it is a problem for our dogs and cats too and just like with most of us, dental health is one of the most overlooked issues with our dogs and cats. Tartar is the calcified remains of Plaque bacteria and once it is in this form, it can no longer be brushed off the teeth which can often result in costly veterinary bills.

Have you ever wondered why your dog or cat has bad breath?

One of the leading causes of bad breath in dogs and cats is tartar build up. Bad breath is unpleasant enough, but left untreated, tartar can also lead to gum disease, tooth decay and early tooth loss. In extreme conditions, where tartar is left to build up for too long, infections can start in the mouth and spread through the body which can cause heart damage and effect the function of the lungs, liver and kidneys.

Can I use PlaqueOff even in my pet doesn’t have plaque?

Of course! While you may not be able to see any plaque deposits on the teeth of your dog or cat, the plaque bacteria occur naturally in the mouths of all animals (yes, even in humans). Some animals have a higher level of plaque bacteria than others, but it is definitely there. Sprinkling the PlaqueOff powder over your dog or cat’s food can be used to prevent the gradual buildup of tartar.

How does PlaqueOff work?

The unique PlaqueOff formula works by affecting the ability of the plaque bacteria to stick itself to your pet’s teeth while softening any build ups that have already formed. You should see improvements from between 3 – 8 weeks.

So, using Plaque Off is all I must do to keep my pet's mouth healthy?

No, like humans, oral health care is more complicated than just performing one action! It is important that dogs and cats are fed a balanced diet and are given opportunities to eat dry food. Dry dog and cat food has an abrasive action as it is chewed and moved around the mouth which can scrape away at plaque and stimulate blood flow to the gums. You can also brush your pet's teeth with a pet-specific toothbrush and toothpaste.