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Schmackos Dog Treats

The Schmackos brand has been around since 1989 and who can forget the adorable ads with Roger the crazy dog? These treats have been designed to smell and taste amazing and dogs will do pretty much anything to get their lips around one.

Schmackos dog treats come in a range of options, suitable for every sized dog and includes, Meaty Tenderz, Strapz, Tasty Bites, Marrobones, Chomp ‘n’ Chews and Stix. Meaty Tenderz are a delicious tasting dog treat made in Australia using Australian meat and are available in Kangaroo, Lamb, Beef or Chicken.

Schmackos Strapz are baked and then air-dried to lock in the delicious flavours that your dog loves right here in Australia. These Strapz are low in fat, rich in quality meat products, high in protein and contain no artificial flavours. Available in Chicken, Beef and Liver with a variety pack also available which contains all three flavours. Tasty Bites have a chewy texture and are a perfect anytime treat for your dog! Available in Beef flavour or Cheese & Beef, Tasty Bites have added Omega 3 for a healthy skin & coat as well as vitamins A & E and calcium for healthy bones. The Tasty Bites have no added artificial colours or flavours.

Marrobones have a tasty meaty centre wrapped in a crunch biscuit skin and are enriched with vitamins and minerals. Schmackos Marrobones can be fed to your dog as a treat or reward but are not suitable for puppies under 6 months of age. Chomp ‘n’ Chews are a long lasting chew treat and are available in small and large size and are ideal for keeping your pooch occupied. These treats are a long-lasting natural rawhide filled with a delicious schmackos centre. Chomp ‘n’ Chews are made right here in Australia.

These Stix are rich in quality meats, high in protein and are made with real lean meat making them 95% fat free! Stix is baked and then air-dried to lock in the flavour that dogs love and Schmackos Stix are made in Australia