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Snooza Dog Beds

The Snooza range includes a large array of premium dog beds which are extremely high quality and cater for your dog's needs. Choose from beds for your small or large dog, outdoor beds, functional beds and even waterproof beds meaning there is something for everyone in their great range. Snooza Pet Products have been manufacturing great beds since 1989 in Melbourne meaning your favourite beds are made right here in Australia.

This range is built to last which means you will have a bed for years rather than buying a new bed every month. Snooza understands that sometimes the filling can come out or the cover can fade or fall apart after years of love which is why they make individual components available to purchase which means that bed your dog can continue to love their favourite sleeping mat, futon or bolster bed. Still not convinced your bed will last? Snooza offers a free repair service to keep your product in tip-top shape for years to come. Choose from a large variety of colours, types and textures from futons, mats, cocoons, igloos, cuddlers and even orthobeds, trust me when we say there is something for everyone.

If you feel like you can’t love this brand anymore, Snooza dog beds not only think green but also support various rescue centers and charities. They have dedicated bins for recycling their scraps and of cuts while if you choose to no longer want your bed for whatever reason they will happily clean and fix the bed up if needed and donate them to those dogs or cats in need.