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Urine OFF

Introducing a new pet into the family home is an exciting time, and how can you not fall in love with those beautiful big eyes? You know that your new pet will need to be toilet trained and you think you are up for the challenge, but the urine smell and stains can become overwhelming! Just when you think you have finally eliminated that unmistakable odour, a warm day heats up the air and there it is again! It is embarrassing and unpleasant.

Urine OFF is the most recommended product to remove pet urine odour and stains by vets. In the past, pet urine smells and stains were almost impossible to remove, with Urine OFF, pet smells and stains can be eliminated permanently from almost any surface.

Why is it so hard to get rid of that smell?

Cleaning urine is not like cleaning other liquids. Urine contains a range of by products and waste materials that the body needs to dispose of. Three of these are what makes the smell and stain so hard to eliminate. Uric acid crystals which produce that unmistakable smell, urea which is the sticky substance in urine that you find once the puddle has dried and proteins which allow pathogen growth.

Urine OFF utilises revolutionary biotechnology that eliminates the smell and stain at the source. The naturally occurring micro-organisms and their enzymes that are utilised in Urine OFF digest the uric acid crystals, urea and proteins that linger at the site of the original mess.

Urine OFF is formulated to destroy urine, resulting in the permanent removal of all odours and stains on all hard and soft surfaces. Urine OFF is safe and mild and uses no harsh ingredients making it safe to use around pets and people.

What makes Urine OFF different from other cleaning products?

Most products available are designed to mask or hide the urine smell. This is a short-term solution and leaves the uric acid crystals behind. Urine OFF contains bacteria and enzymes that were specifically selected for their appetite for uric acid crystals.