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Valuheart for dogs make your monthly heartworm routine simple with one small tablet providing effective treatment for the entire month at a budget price. Using the #1 active ingredient on the market Ivermectin, this awesome product provides optimal protection while being both Australian made and owned.

Heartworm can be fatal for dogs which is why Valuheart protects your canine friend from this, simply provide your dog with the tablet orally or if they don’t enjoy tablets, stick it inside their favourite treat to assist in administering the tablet. This heartworm treatment eliminates heartworm larvae (Dirofilia immitis) while it is not effective against adult stage (Dirofilia immitis. Valuheart has made choosing the product for your dog easy by making each packet colour coded to match the dogs weight range. 

What is heartworm though? Heartworm can be deadly in dogs as they both live in and clog a dog’s heart and blood vessels, which is why administering monthly heartworm treatment is essential for keeping your dog happy and healthy.

A quick note to remember is you should consult your preferred veterinarian beforing using heartworm prevention. Valuheart is suitable for puppies over the age of 6 weeks while is also safe to use on breeding bitches and pregnant and lactating dogs.