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Australian made and innovative, Vetafarm is more than bird food, it’s all about wholesome health and wellbeing for your feathered friend. Made with premium quality nutritious ingredients, Vetafarm supports your bird’s wellbeing. To top it off it is packed full of delicious palatable flavours your bird will love you for. Vetafarm doesn’t just cater for adult birds, there is wet and dry food available specifically for babies, breeding birds and specific breeds including finches, canaries & parrots in the vast range. The range is so extensive, you won’t have any trouble finding something to suit your bird’s nutritional needs keeping them happy and healthy.

Unique ingredients include whole Australian grains, fresh fruit & vegetables combined into pellets, crumbles or treats. Simply checking the back of the Vetafarm packet you will be happy to know the healthy and delicious ingredients you are feeding your bird.

Bird food is only one key factor in the Vetafarm range as they stock a large vet care ranged catered to keeping their health at optimal levels. This is through keeping both their insides and outsides in prime condition, including healthy feathers and improved digestion and immunity leaving you without worry about their daily condition.