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Vets All Natural

Founded by a veterinarian in 1995, Vets All Natural is a dog and cat food, treat and supplement company unlike any other in the marketplace. Frustration with the limited results in curing common, long-term ailments in dogs and cats, like allergies and arthritis is what lead to the creation of the Vets All Natural range.

Vets All Natural is a company passionate about producing and supplying fully natural foods, treats and supplements that can increase the health and longevity of your dog or cat and cater for different areas of health and nutrition in both dogs and cats.

Vets All Natural Products

All foods, supplements and treats have been specially formulated to improve the health of your beloved dog or cat and all products directly target joint, skin and weight loss problems as well as improving the everyday health of your pet.

Complete Mix

We may not think of our furry companions as predators, but their ancestors most definitely were, and their living cousins certainly are. In the wild, canines and felines are hunters and eat muscle and organ meat and receive vegetable matter from the guts of their prey.  Complete Mix is a carefully balanced, preservative free, muesli style mix which has been developed to mimic the contents of the guts of prey animals, and when mixed with fresh meat, Complete Mix creates a perfectly balanced diet. Complete Mix is available for both cats and dogs and is available in a kitten/cat mix, puppy mix, sensitive skin, grain/gluten free and adult/senior dog mix.

Treats and Supplements

Vets All Natural have developed a range of supplements and oils that use all-natural ingredients. Designed to support common health problems experienced with joints, nutritional deficiencies, digestive issues as well as skin and coat problems. Some of this extensive range includes Omega oil for dogs and cats, joint supports powder for dogs, health booster powder and skin & coat formula just to name a few.

Australian made, vet formulated, all natural ingredients and delicious. What else could your pet ask for?