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Whiskas Cat Food

Cats across Australia love Whiskas, and that is because each meal is carefully balanced to contain the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that cats need, and better yet, the Whiskas cat food range tastes great too! The range provides cats the correct protein levels need at every stage of their life.

Cats benefit from eating a diet that is specifically tailored to their age which is why Whiskas meals support your feline friend at every stage of life.

Kittens undergo rapid growth in the first year of their life which means they have special dietary requirements which the Whiskas Kitten range caters for with a choice of flavours which includes Beef in Gravy and Chicken in Gravy, quality meat and fish, carefully cooked and foil sealed for freshness, and the ever popular Chicken and Tuna dry kitten food.

Adult cats, from 1 year of age have stopped growing and their needs have changed. The Adult formula is available in a wide range of flavours and textures in the wet food range and an assortment of flavours in the dry food range as well.

Adult 7+ and Adult 11+ years wet food has been designed for more mature cats with an appealing softer texture and with the vitamins and minerals required to keep you cat happy and healthy in their later years. Whiskas also offers specialised dry food for cats 7+ and 11+ years formulated to cater for more senior dietary requirements.