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Whistler Bird Food

Whistler bird food and treats is manufactures by Lovitt’s, who have been manufacturing and supplying pet food to the Australian market since 1995. Lovitt’s pride themselves on producing and supplying pet food that consistently satisfies their customer’s needs. Parrot owners know how much joy a pet bird can bring to their lives! Their cute little faces, their cheeky attitudes and their comedic behaviours can bring a smile to your face and brighten your day. They bring you so much joy, so why not say “Thank you” with premium quality seed mixes and bird seed treats.

Tell me about the Whistler Bird Food range

All Whistler mixes are scientifically formulated to meet the specific needs of each bird species with additional additives that are specifically chosen to benefit that species, for example, Cockatiel mix has added Paw Paw and Banana). On average, each of the mixes available contain 14 individual ingredients (with Cockatiel containing 18) to produce a better-quality seed, developed to ensure the health and wellbeing of your favourite feathered friend.

What makes Whistler Bird Food different?

All Whistler mixes are carefully air cleaned and oil dressed before they are packaged and most of the companion bird range contains specially developed vitamin and mineral pellets to ensure that your bird is receiving the essential nutrients required for a complete diet.

Keep your bird chirping with excitement

Whether you are hand rearing a chick or feeding your Macaw, you will find a bird food that suits your needs. With soft foods like Hand Rearing mix, Egg & Biscuit and Lorikeet food, treat bars, millet sprays and bulk 15kg bags of parrot mix, Whistler has something to make your parrot sing!