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If you own a cat then you own a litter box, and at Net to Pet we have all different kinds of cat litter to keep that box filled. Before cats became domesticated, they’d ‘relieve themselves’ in the wild, usually in sandy or soft soil so they can bury the evidence later on. Cat litter is a way to make sure your kitty goes to the toilet naturally, instinctively, and comfortably, without stinking up your household and making a mess.

Whether you prefer clay, crystals, pellets or sand, we have a huge range of kitty litter options to suit every household and every cat. Clumping clay litter is great for quickly disposing your cat litter, while wood pellets are an eco friendly option for those who are more environmentally conscious. Crystal litter is the best for keeping bad smells at bay while also being able to soak up the most amount of waste (meaning you have to change the litter tray less often!)

At Net to Pet, we search long and hard for the best products available, from the most trusted brands out there. We know how hard it can be to own a pet, and that’s why we make it super easy to get the products you need to make sure your pets are well taken care of. Shopping with us is easy, and best of all, we deliver for free on all orders over $49*. So get browsing and sort all your pet needs out at Net to Pet today!