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Your dog’s health is important and requires more than just food to maintain it. With so many products on the market, it can be confusing to decide which products your dog needs. While some supplements are highly recommended due to age, breed or size, others are recommended for all dogs.

When it comes to joint health, large breed dogs must have early preventive care. Starting a joint vitamin as a puppy, and giving the correct dosage as they grow, prevents painful arthritis and surgeries down the line. While certain breeds should always use a joint supplement, all breeds can certainly benefit from them. With pill, powder and liquid forms available, finding one your dog loves will be easy.

All dogs, regardless of breed or age, should have their ears and teeth cleaned on a regular basis. Ear cleaning solution is easy to use, requiring just several drops per ear each week. Most ear cleaning solutions have a long shelf life, making the item relatively inexpensive. When it comes to teeth, dogs should never use items intended for humans. Canine toothpaste contains only those ingredients that are safe for your dog to swallow. A toothbrush designed for dogs will make reaching canine teeth easy. Neglecting your dog’s brushing can lead to dental decay and painful, expensive treatments.

Certain breeds require specialised coat care that shampoos and conditioners are not fully able to meet. Depending on your dog’s skin, you may need a soothing spray or a natural oil to use after bath time. These products promote healthy skin, reducing the amount of dermatology related vet costs.