Dog Collars & Dog Leads

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Collars and leads come in a variety of options such as traditional neck collars, harnesses, headcollars and adjustable or fixed length leads. Choosing the right combination requires looking at your dog’s activities, breed, and temperament.

Short snouted breeds should always use a harness due to their naturally compromised airway. Harnesses are highly recommended for large dogs or those that require strength to control while on a lead. A harness allows you to restrain your dog in a safe manner should they become excited.

If your dog has a tendency to pull and ignore commands when on a lead, headcollars are the solution. They wrap around the neck and the muzzle to make tugging on the lead uncomfortable for your dog. Owners must use care when using a headcollar to avoid injury to their dog.

Collars generally work well for most dogs, regardless of their size. Dogs that use a collar should be able to obey commands and walk beside their owner to avoid putting undue stress on the neck when on a lead. Collars can also be used with a harness or headcollar to hold identification tags.

Leads come in fixed lengths and adjustable styles. For dogs that have a tendency to run ahead when on a lead, a fixed length is the best option. Fixed lengths are also beneficial if you use them in areas with tight spaces or crowds. Adjustable leads are great for people in less populated areas who want to allow their dogs some extra exploring space. These leads allow the owner to set the length should they desire it.