Ivory Coat Dog Food

Today’s society more and more people are looking for natural grain free food for their beloved canine friends. Ivory Coat Dog Food provides a great choice of grain free foods which are full of nutrients and vitamins keeping your dog happy and healthy. From Ivory Coat Puppy which contains chicken to Ivory Coat lamb and kangaroo whatever your dog’s favourite flavour they have it covered. Did we tell you they Australian Made incorporating only the finest of locally made ingredients while supporting Australian farmers along the way with a donation from every 8kg bag. Ivory Coat dog food contains no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives helping those canines with allergies and keeping your dog’s immune system healthy. Oh and you won’t believe it Ivory Coat contain superfoods including Kale! If that doesn’t sway your choice, we don’t know what will. For the finest choice in dog food, Ivory Coat is the right choice.

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