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SavourLife dog treats was founded by Micheal McTeigue in 2013 and is the brains behind this all Australian company providing delicious dog treats with one big difference. Savourlife support countless numbers of rescue groups with 50% of their profits going straight to helping abandoned dog’s new homes! Simply by purchasing SavourLife Treats you receive a code which allows you to see pictures and stories of rescue dogs SavourLife have already saved. Made from Australian ingredients they are packed full of nutrients while containing no artificial flavours or colours, your dog will love you for it! Providing delicious biscuits, chewy strips and their brand new dental range designed to keep your canine friends teeth and gums healthy Savourlife have thought of it all. Whether your dog loves kangaroo, duck, chicken or lamb you will be satisfied to know your dog won’t be missing out. Here at Net to Pet we are proud stockists of Savourlife dog treats.