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The Secret to a Happy Cat

When your cat rubs its face on your leg, or along the side of your lounge, they are not just saying “I love you!”, they are leaving a deposit of feline facial pheromone. This is how your cat marks its territory and the smell that is left tells your cat that they are in a safe place. Feliway for Cats is a synthetic replication of this pheromone that can be used to reassure your cat if they are faced with a new situation or showing signs of stress and it is available as a diffuser or in a spray.

How do I know if my cat is stressed or unhappy?

Sometimes, the signals our cats give use are very subtle and are easily overlooked. The general rule of thumb is that if your cat is displaying a behaviour that is out of the ordinary for your cat, then that may be your cat trying to tell you they are unhappy about something.

Common behaviours that suggest your cat is unhappy include:

·         Scratching at doorways, walls or furniture

·         Urine spraying on walls and furniture while also using their litter box

·         Fighting with other animals in the house

·         Losing their appetite or suddenly eating more than usual

·         Over grooming

·         Being less active.

Domestic cats still have strong links to their primitive nature and are a territorial animal that likes to feel in control of their environment. Generally, cats prefer a solitary lifestyle, finding the need to share their space and food with other animals stressful. Our modern life rarely takes the primitive needs of cats into consideration and this is what leads to undesirable behaviours in our favourite felines.

Feliway Spray or Feliway Diffuser, the choice is yours

Feline Facial Pheromone is only recognisable by felines and has no effect on other animals or people in the environment that it is being used in. Feliway for cats is available in both a spray and a refillable diffuser. The Feliway diffuser is plugged into the powerpoint and evenly distributes the synthetic pheromone into the home, providing constant comfort for your cat. The diffuser is the easiest way to assist cats who are showing signs of unhappiness or stress on a daily basis. Each Feliway Diffuser refill covers an area up to 70 meters squared and lasts up to 30 days.

The Feliway Spray is a useful tool to assist cats who are generally relaxed but may be about to face a situation of stress, like moving, or being taken to the vet. The spray can be applied to the carry case or basket and should be resprayed every 4-5 hours.